Mary's Room (Epiphenomenal Qualia), 2013



 my name is mary.


i have lived my solitary life in a world of black and white; a tiny world of complex modesty and physical limitation.


knowledge is substituted for feeling. i am aware of this always. feelings are known but not felt. desires are unsatisfied, hunger goes unfed, passion can only be imagined. i know this.


i question the validity of my very existance. what is real? my real is unimaginably different from your real, and neither will experience the other. i know this. 


is my name mary? because it is said, it becomes the truth.


i am a stranger

questioning the futility of inoperable answers. 


a hole is forming - a velvety soft greyness bourne out of the monochrome. this new development does not ease my anxiety.


i am mary.