I am an oil painter; my work acknowledges the tradition and past history of painting, but is not bound by a formal approach. My focus is on the female form and the destabilisation of the figurative; an oscillation between the beauty of the subject represented and the complete annihilation of it.

I completed my MA Fine Art at BCU in 2014, and was thrilled to be awarded the Mike Holland Trust Prize for Painting for my Final Show works. Currently a full-time artist with my studio based in Birmingham, I am also a member of the Works Artists' Collective, and a member of CFAR (Centre for Fine Art Research, School of Art, BCU).

I commenced my practice-led PhD at BCU in September 2016; my research takes the form of an alchemical investigation of the function and potentiality of the liminal space in contemporary painting.




Through my research, I have become increasingly intrigued by the notion of the liminal space and the 'between' - the charged gap between the event and the trace. From the time between the pain of the injury and the presentation of the bruise, to the blackness of the penumbral shadows, and the transformative moment between life and death - there are melancholic stories embedded in my paintings, suspended moments between past and present, self and other, being and not being.

I consider painting to be an alchemical process, exploring the mutability of material, sense and the erotic.  Within my own work I attempt to analyse the elusive transubstantive moment when 'painting' (gerund) turns into 'painting' (noun), where activity translates to object at the very instant of its becoming.